Make big plans & stick to them.

Planner stickers that help you manage your tasks and events from start to finish with pre-made step-by-step to-do stickers that are functional, fun and just persnickety enough to keep your planner and life organized.  

The space between an awesome, detailed master plan and its actual execution can be impossible to bridge, unless you can figure out a way to manage your time and all the little details.  Perstickety planner stickers give you cute, colorful and detailed to dos that you can schedule right into your planner.

Now, managing multiple projects is as easy as sticking stickers.  Make big plans, make lots of them and use perstickety planner stickers to map those plans out. So on the day of your big event you can be focused and present, you can even enjoy yourself knowing you did everything you needed to do to make that event successful.

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